Leonard Wolk

I work at the department of finance at VU Amsterdam and I am a co-founder of Symonda, where we are in the process of developing platforms to help people make better financial decisions. You can reach me at l.wolk@vu.nl. I previously worked at Colby College and Maastricht University. CV available upon request.

Current academic affiliation
2017/02 - current   Assistant professor of Finance
  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Past affiliations
2015/02 - 2016/12   Assistant Professor of Economics
  Todger Anderson Chair in Investing and Behavioral Economics
  Department of Economics, Colby College
2012/11 - 2014/12   Assistant professor
  Department of Finance, Maastricht University
2014/03 - 2014/12   Fellow
  Graduate School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University

Current teaching
Journal publications: Other publications: Contact information:
  • Email: l.wolk@vu.nl
Last updated: Oct 2021.